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Stay At Home Orders Are Coming... We Want to Help

We are expecting a stay-at-home order sometime within the next few days. We strongly believe that books are an essential educational resource for children at home in remote-learning and homeschooling situations, so here's what we're doing:

  1. To help you stock up on books in advance of the order, we are raising the limit of books each reader can borrow from 2 to 5. This is made possible because of the generous donations we have received, enabling us to increase our inventory. Thank you!

  2. After a stay-at-home order is in place, we will continue to operate the library from our front porch -- sanitizing books and taking your donations. That way, when you are out performing your essential errands or taking in some exercise, you can make a quick stop to return or borrow books while maintaining appropriate social distance. No more than one family or two adults on the porch at a time.

And, as always, we work very hard to ensure that our library is not a source of virus transmission. Read more here.

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