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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

“There’s still Audible. Or what about Overdrive?” Many people tried to offer consolation. I’m not opposed to ebooks, especially when bringing multiple books on vacation. And I actually enjoy audiobooks while running and cleaning the house. However, as a comfort reader, there is something about holding a physical book and turning actual pages. Walking into a library and leaving with a giant bag of free books is a truly therapeutic experience. Browsing shelves is a treasure hunt that can’t be replaced by looking at virtual book covers and reading online book summaries. The loss of the library is a void that cuts deep.

So last night, in a desperate move, we spent an evening at the local second hand bookstore filling multiple baskets with the best of children’s books. 89, to be exact! Not nearly enough, but I've personally read nearly everyone of these, so quality is high even if quantity is low. I bought plastic bins from Target and will set this all up on a card table on my front porch. Until the public library reopens, my front porch will become Libby’s Little Library.

It took 5 armfuls like this to get them out to the car.

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