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Limiting the Spread of Coronavirus Through Our Library

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Here's what we're doing to limit the risk of spreading the coronavirus through our library.

  1. We are obsessive about our own hand-washing, before and after working with the books.

  2. The front and back covers of all books that are placed in the library -- whether for the first time or after being returned -- get scrubbed with Clorox wipes.

  3. Every morning when we put the table out, we wipe it down with Clorox wipes.

  4. We have a big bottle of bright green hand sanitizer on the table and a sign asking all visitors to use it before and after handling the books. So far, everyone we have observed has complied with this.

  5. Only members from a single household may be on the porch at a time, with others asked to remain at least six feet apart.

  6. As excited as we are to see people show up, we tend to greet from the doorstep, then keep a distance and give people space -- both to prevent the spread of the virus and so that people can browse books at their own pace.

In addition to the above, we take some comfort in research that seems to show that the virus dies after 24 hours on nonliving, porous surfaces, like paper. This should be even more true in the open air where water droplets are allowed to evaporate quickly. That said, our world's understanding of this virus is in its infancy and nothing is 100% guaranteed, so people in high risk categories should use extra caution.

If you have suggestions for additional steps that could help ensure safety while still allowing families access to this resource, please let us know.

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